Tamar Braxton Will Always Choose 'Love' Over 'War'

So, there I was, minding my own business, probably listening to Luther Vandross (because that's what I do when I'm minding my business) when "Love and War" creeped into my life and gave me a reason to enter into Tamar Braxton's world. I loved it immediately, and before I knew it I was signing the application to join Team Tamar. We've spotted a couple of her performances of the song, but now we're treated to the official video that has Tamar taking her love to the beachside. I have no idea, at all, why I always expect her to be completely over the top, but what's evident from her performances is that she recognizes there's a time a place for everything, saving the over-the-top antics for Braxton Family Values. Mrs. Braxton-Herbert looks great in this Walid Azami-directed black-and-white visual for the breakout single from her upcoming album, and she plays her part perfectly. At times, the moments between her and her partner are sweet, but as per the song's lyrics, things get pretty tense, too, with drinks being thrown and picture frames being broken. It's videos like this that make me wish BET's Midnight Love was still around. Luckily, her album Love and War will drop on February 12th, just in time for the universal celebration of midnight love that takes place every Valentine's Day.

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