Chris Turner's 'LiquidLOVE' Video Quenches Our Thirst

Washington, DC's weather has bounced all over the place in the past week, going from the single digits to the 70s. Just as I was contemplating the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, I received Chris Turner's "LiquidLOVE" video in my inbox. The summer-themed visuals definitely raised my spirits. The bouncy song describes Chris desiring a taste of his lady's love and here we see him getting close to his PYT. "LiquidLOVE"'s addicting qualities remind me of a Maxwell or Bilal joint but with a Marvin Gaye twist. The video features Chris and friends, including SoulBounce fave Jesse Boykins III, clowning around in warm-weather attire doing everything from throwing water balloons to trying to do an Electric Slide-type dance. The sound is very raw and prominently displays brass instruments that add a funky back in the day flavor. I have already started a playlist that I plan on blaring out my window as soon as the spring season gets and stays here. This track is sure to go to the top of the list.

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