The xx Give A ‘Christmas’ Classic A New Spin

First, let’s get one thing straight: I hate Christmas music. If that makes me a Grinch or a Scrooge, then so be it. And even though one song managed to penetrate my Grinch-y little heart last year, my dislike of Christmas music is still as strong as ever, with three exceptions. English indie pop band The xx recently covered one of those exceptions, Wham!‘s “Last Christmas.” While the George Michael-penned song, a melancholy little ditty about ill-timed heartache around the holidays, is very likeable, I always thought that it was a bit too happy to be about being jilted. Luckily, The xx have cleared up that little problem, infusing it with their trademark distorted electronic sound and plaintive vocals. All in all, it really captures what it feels like to have a broken heart during the holidays. So, if you’re among those feeling a bit down this time of year, you can listen to and download the song below. And don’t worry, we’ll act like we don’t see you crying into your eggnog.


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