Take Ne'a Posey For A 'Spin' On 'This Is What I Want'

I'm blessed to live in the Washington, DC area and have easy access to a world of good music right outside my door. DC is a frequent tour stop for big name artists, but the local music scene has been on the come up for years with a bevy of independent talent making noise. One of those DMV-based talents is singer Ne'a Posey who has been a much sought after vocalist on the live circuit for a minute. Now she's ready for her time to shine on a larger stage and to that end she has released her debut project, an EP entitled This Is What I Want, Volume 1. The four-song EP features production from Lil Dave and Mr. Sonny James of the Illvibe Collective and songwriting by Aaron "Ab" Abernathy. Those are some impressive names behind the boards, but this is all about Ne'a who impresses with her soulful vocals on dance floor-ready tracks such as "Spin Me," "Fool" and the previously released "State of the World." The first single is the captivating jam "Spin Me" with its throwback house vibe and Ne'a telling her partner to "spin me like vinyl, keep me in the groove." This Is What I Want, Volume 1 is not only Ne'a's first release, but it's the inaugural project for the boutique record label Suite 301, the brainchild of SoulBounce fam Risikat "Kat" Okedeyi of Lil SoSo Productions. Make haste to download Ne'a Posey's This Is What I Want, Volume 1 from Lil SoSo's website now for the low-low price of an email address.

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