Rapper Big Pooh Drops Some Knowledge On ‘Friends’

The phrase “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” often comes to mind when considering the Little Brother crew. I mean it really must have been a challenge for Rapper Big Pooh to step up to bat with heavy hitters Phonte and 9th Wonder on a regular basis without the quality of the group’s music faltering from time to time. It’s been several years since the group has disbanded, but it’s good to see this Little Engine That Could chuggin’ along on the solo tip with the release of the single “Friends” a few weeks back. Well the Astronote-produced track from his Fat Boy Fresh Vol. 2: Est. 1980 project, which has Pooh revisiting a question Whodini asked us back in the day, recently received the visual treatment courtesy of Ramses The GREAT. Watch for a glimpse of some love triangle drama, park bench reflection and rhyming while driving (far more dangerous than texting) in this literal interpretation of “Friends” and cop the project now.

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