Morning Soul: Staying True Until The End

  • Pepsi and Beyoncé launched a contest that will allow fans to dance with her onstage during her February 3rd Super Bowl performance. [NYDN
  • Azealia Banks declared rap “unladylike” and “tacky.” If she keeps this up, Broke with Expensive Taste won’t just be the title of her next album. [HP
  • Kanye West‘s performance at Atlantic City’s Revel Resort marked his first solo gig in more than a year — and new heights in leaving the crowd moved and mystified. [BB
  • Bilal described the release of his fourth album, A Love Surreal, claiming it will move music lovers aurally and visually. [EM
  • Suge Knight nearly ran down a crowd of bystanders in his new role as muscle manager for comedian Katt Williams. We all know how it turned the last time Suge was behind the wheel after a fight. [TMZ]
  • Lady Gaga provided fans with pre-show counseling services to discuss issues such as depression and bullying. [VH1

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