Kelly Rowland, Keri Hilson & Adam Lambert Were Pretty ‘Bad’ On The ‘VH1 Divas’ Donna Summer Tribute

In the surest sign that the glory days of VH1’s programming are behind them, the Divas franchise returns this year to celebrate departed women who tore down the stage over a decade ago, honoring them with performances from acts I generally wouldn’t trust with their wigs, much less their songs. Here, we have disco great Donna Summer feted by Keri Hilson (dressed as a sexy version of Monopoly’s Rich Uncle Pennybags), Adam Lambert (Satan as played by Elmo at a drag show) and Kelly Rowland (dressed as 2009 Kelly Rowland, when we all thought she could make it as her generation’s answer to Summer). Enjoy the feast of bright lights, shaky vocals and the thoroughly Disneyfied approximation of Studio 54 and consider the silver lining: Donna Summer wasn’t alive to endure this.

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