'Here Comes The King' Of Comedy, Snoop Lion

Remember that time when Joaquin Phoenix convinced us the media that he was becoming a rapper, only to release a movie so bad that we wish he had actually just picked up the mic? Well I was hoping this whole Snoop Lion thing was kinda like that. Part of me actually still thinks that it is still the case, but the string of new releases from this "project" tell me otherwise. Well the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg hits us with a lyric video for the Angela Hunte-assisted, "Here Comes the King." After hearing the song, and watching the video, I'd have to say that actually seeing these terrible lyrics on the screen make the track that much more painful. Not even the hours upon hours of my youth spent in arcades can save this visual homage to 8-bit game play for me. Well Snoop, you've had your fun and gotten some laughs at our expense. Now slowly step away from the lion fur and we can all make it home before dinner. Stream below for the results of Calvin's final semester of community college comedy courses.

After the bounce

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