Georgia Anne Muldrow & DJ Romes Get Into The Blackhouse Groove With ‘Lectrivunkin’

In case you slept on Georgia
Anne Muldrow
and DJ Romes
collaboration as Blackhouse,
they’re giving everyone a special sample of the album of the same name to invite all you latecomers to the
party.  If “Lectrivunkin,” in all of its
synth-heavy, pulsating electro-inspired instrumental glory, is what these two
Mello Music Group collaborators are offering as bait, then I’ve definitely been
reeled in. Serving as a nod the early electro-heavy days of hip hop with a twist funk, “Lectrivunkin” offers a fresh spin on a legendary sound. Muldrow and
Romes have cited Afrika Bambataa and The
Soulsonic Force
, Frankie Knuckles and Kurtis Blow, among others, as
influences for this experimental offering. If nothing else, this Blackhouse project proves what we
already knew; everything touched by the ultimate female beatsmith and premier
vocalist, Georgia Anne Muldrow, is right and good. Blackhouse is available for
purchase via the Mello
Music Group website


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