When Allen Stone Shows Up, He Shows 'Out'

Ever since seeing Allen Stone live recently, I've been gobbling up all things related to the man and his music. So imagine my delight when checking my inbox this morning and seeing that there was a new video from him. I pressed play so quick that my MacBook shook, and my eyes were soon greeted with the sight of Allen and his band in the studio performing his song "Figure It Out," a bonus cut on his self-titled debut. And when Stone opened his mouth to sing, my ears were soothed by the soulful sound of his voice urging his lady to figure their problems out and make their love thing last. The song was already dope, but seeing it performed live in studio adds a new dimension. This visual was recorded at the same as the previously seen clip for "Six Years," which leads me to believe (and hope and pray) that these videos and recordings are part of a larger project that Allen will release some time in the future. A girl can dream, can't she?

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