We ‘Always’ Love A Joey Negro Remix, And This Electric Empire Effort Is No Different

Joey Negro pretty much made my summer with his excellent release, The Secret Life Of Us. So eager was I to get my hands on the album that I spent an afternoon of my honeymoon sitting in a hotel lobby downloading it over my phone’s janky data connection (#FreeWifiFail). And yes, it was worth it. Hot on the heels of that release — and the excellent remixes that followed — Joey has lent his magic touch to one of my favorite band’s from Down Under, Electric Empire, and their track “Always.” The original is a Stevie Wonder-esque mid-tempo, full of lush instrumentation and some killer vocals, but Joey’s “Classic Mix” injects a hefty dose of house, taking it straight to the dance floor. The edit below clocks in at 3:54 but do yourself a favor and purchase the full version here, Over seven minutes of soulful goodness await, which you will want to play again and again.


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