There's No 'Shame' When It Comes To Jamie Lidell

Kapow! Upside the head is what I felt when first plugging into the brand new jam from Mr. Jamie Lidell -- but I really wouldn't have it any other way. The British soul eccentric is getting us all hot n' bothered for his return with "What A Shame," a completely spastic pitch-fit of surging post dubstep that just simply flings you to the floor, pinning you down in its thick batter of electro-funk. For just an e-mail address, you too can download and experience the complete whack-job of beats and rhythms that shoot from all sides at you with Lidell's falsetto lounging in the corners to ease the bite. It is typical Lidell in his madcap mode, that I know, but "What A Shame" manages to spiral away from the throwback soul of 2008's Jim and the down-n-dirty complexities of the brilliant Compass from 2010, making this a track that comes out with its boxing gloves. As I (happily) pick myself up off the floor, I'm looking forward to Mr. Lidell coming back into the form with his self-titled project early next year, and have no qualms that he'll continue to keep things wacky but fun for it.


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