SoulBouncers: Participate In SoulBounce's Twitterview With Anthony David

We love us some Anthony David here at SBHQ, and we are especially loving the fact that he has a new album on the way in a matter of days. His latest musical offering is Love Out Loud, which will be released on Tuesday, November 13th, and it is a mighty fine album based on what we've heard thus far. The night before on Monday, November 12th he'll be celebrating its release exclusively with us during a Twitterview that all SoulBouncers on Twitter are invited to attend. To join in on the fun, be sure to follow @SoulBounce and @AntNeeDee on Twitter and use the hashtag #ADLOLSoulBounce to participate. If you'd like to ask Anthony a burning a question, then leave it behind in the comments section here or submit it via Twitter using the #ADLOLSoulBounce hashtag before 8 pm on Monday evening. The Twitterview will kick off at 11 pm EST (8 pm PST) and knowing AD like I do, prepare yourselves for a hilarious conversation and good old time. 

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