Ne-Yo Reveals 'The Cracks In Mr. Perfect'

"After this song, you gon' love me for my honesty or you gon' hate me for being me." That line intros yet another song leaked this week from Ne-Yo's R.E.D. album, now just four days away from release. On "The Cracks In Mr. Perfect," Ne-Yo is putting it all out there, no matter how out of touch it seemingly makes him sound at first. After all, how many folks are going to be able to relate to spending a year's salary on champagne in a span of three hours? At the end of the day, do people want to hear about his excess? But, that's the thing about this song. It's not supposed to be about you, me or anyone else. This song is about Ne-Yo, and the perceptions the public have of him. "The Cracks In Mr. Perfect" was not originally intended to just be a track off of his new album, it once represented the title and concept of the record. Earlier this year, Ne-Yo told Yesi Ortiz of Power 106 that the album was going to be about peoples' perception of him, and that he just wanted to show everyone he's a person first and does "regular people stuff," too. I can't say that concept quite came through on the song, but what does come through is that regardless of how reckless even he admits some of his actions have been, he's human, he makes mistakes and he wants you to see that. Before ending the song, Mr. Smith asks you to "do yourself a favor, find the beauty in your cracks," and to "enjoy the album." As he said at the beginning of the song, we're either going to love it or hate it. Are you feeling Ne-Yo's "Cracks," or do you hate him for being who he is?

After the bounce

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