LL Cool J & Joe Are Ready To 'Take It' There

It seems that hip hop veteran LL Cool J is actually serious about his return to music. After hearing the obvious joke of a song that was "Ratchet," I'd assumed that the 44-year-old was either just playing around in the studio or in the midst of a very public mid-life crisis. Thankfully, Uncle L hasn't forsaken us. "Take It," the latest leak from his upcoming Authentic Hip Hop, finds LL in full on loverman mode. Borrowing a smooth bass groove from The Jones Girls classic "When I'm Gone," the Trackmasters-produced cut shows him doing what he does best: sweet talking yet another lady into swinging an episode in the back seat of his jeep. Just in case his smooth lines don't work, though, LL hedges his bets by including R&B crooner Joe on the chorus, promising to love her from "12 to 6 and 6 to 9." No new ground is covered by the hip-hop pioneer (it's actually damn close in theme to 1995's "Hey Lover"), but I'd take this over LL trading lazy lines with a random chickenhead (and over a counterfeit Timbaland beat) any day. If you're ready to tuck in with an Uncle L bedroom groove, you can find "Take It" after the bounce.

After the bounce

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