Get A Whiff Of Jesse Fischer & Soul Cycle's 'Cyberphunk'

If you've ever been lucky enough to sit in on a live recording or jam session, you know firsthand how electrifying it can be to watch a group of musicians get together and make magic happen. If you haven't been able to do so, then Jesse Fischer & Soul Cycle are giving a little peek into their world with their "Cyberphunk" video. Taken from their album Retro Future and filmed during the song's live recording, this talented group of gents put it down on this upbeat instrumental. While Fischer's fusion-influenced piano skills take top billing, each member of Soul Cycle plays a part in the song's overall synergy. The clip showcases how easily Fischer, drummer Gabriel Wallace, percussionist Shawn Banks, saxophonist Brian Hogans, trumpeter Jean Caze and bassist Solomon Dorsey vibe off one another. The song has an '80s feel, with its urgent, driving pace making it sound like it could have background music for either a video game or a chase scene in an episode of Miami Vice. If you like what you hear, then Fischer's offering the song up for free with email signup on his website.

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