Chrisette Michele Shows Her Sexy Rock Star Side In 'Your Fair Lady'

It's common for R&B singers to collaborate with rappers, and for the most part they go together perfectly and enhance an already good thing -- like bread and butter or chocolate and, well, anything. R&B singer Chrisette Michele knows all about this, as she's delivered two tracks from her upcoming mixtape Audrey Hepburn: An Audiovisual Presentation, both featuring guest appearances by rappers. While they were pleasant enough tracks, they also showed how the cut and paste rapper verse can be a bit of a yawn, or just simply not be necessary. So, it's a nice surprise to hear the third track from the mixtape, "Your Fair Lady," is a collaboration, not with another rapper, but with (gasp!) a guitarist. The guitarist in question being Guitar Slayer aka in-demand musician Justin Lyons. That fact alone was enough for me to hit play and listen to what Michele was offering up, and boy am I a glad I did. "Your Fair Lady" is a provocative electric guitar led track that oozes sex appeal. Michele's always fascinating vocal styling and tone together with the intoxicating energy of the guitar equates to a dynamic song that is by far the strongest out of the three we've heard so far. My interest in all things Chrisette Michele has just been revived, and yours will be too when you hit play below.


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