All You Need Is Some Holiday 'Love' From CeeLo & The Muppets

While I don't officially start spinning the Christmas jams till the clock strikes midnight on December 1st, I had to make a tiny exception with this. I mean, CeeLo Green and The Muppets? Um, I'm there dashing through the snow with jingle bells on. With his holiday album, CeeLo's Magic Moment already out on shelves, CeeLo gives a shine to original track, "All I Need Is Love," and he brings Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie Bear, Swedish Chef and the rest of the Muppets gang along for the cheery ride. The track's mini-movie begins with CeeLo getting lost on the way to another party and ending up at the Muppets' residence to where they partake in a feast and some Yuletide cheer (and Miss Piggy's attempts to ambush Kermit for a kiss). Things get a little, well, interesting, as the night progresses on and a surprise guest makes an appearance as well as CeeLo coming face to face with his doppelganger. Like the braced-face child that is still stuck inside me, this is one visual that I couldn't help but feel the warm fuzzies about. So brush off your Ebenezer Scrooge cynicism for just a bit, and join in on the zany fun with Mr. Green and Muppet company to get you in the spirit early.

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