You Won't 'Forget' The Revelations Feat. Tre Williams With This Stax Cover

When we are in a long term relationship we all have a tendency to get a little too comfortable; we let ourselves go, so to speak. It can also mean we can get so comfortable that we neglect our loved one, just because we assume they'll be there waiting patiently after we get all that other important stuff done that we need to. The problem with that is sometimes when you finally work your way down to the bottom of that list of priorities to where you've placed your partner, well, they just might be gone. That's the premise of William Bell's Stax classic "I Forgot To Be Your Lover," which is covered by The Revelations feat. Tre Williams for the soundtrack of the soon to be released movie, The Man With The Iron Fists. Tre Williams manages to convey such painful sincerity so effortlessly in his vocals here, while still sounding downright lustful as he begs for his love's forgiveness. Couple this with the bluesy feel of the track and the wailing guitar towards the end, and you have a stellar soul song that stays true to the original as well as the sound we've come to love from The Revelations feat. Tre Williams. Have a listen to "I Forgot To Be Your Lover" below and partake of the free download.

After the bounce

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