We Will ‘Always & Forever’ Love Coco O.

The wait for new material from Robin Hannibal and Coco O. — better known as Quadron — is an almost unbearable one. Their self-titled debut was one of the freshest releases of the last few years, and we cannot wait to hear what they have cooked up in the studio since then. Rumors suggest that we may get an album in early 2013, but thay are just that, rumors, so I guess we just need to sit tight and see. However, if you are feenin’ for some of Coco’s sweet, soulful vocals then check out her cover of Heatwave‘s classic “Always & Forever” below. Recorded at a recent LA show, Coco manages to mesmerize with her performance, even though the video’s audio is a little sketchy in places. Simply beautiful.

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