Waajeed Makes This Art Of Noise Classic Go ‘Boom’

Thanks to high school, I have a love/hate relationship with Art of Noise‘s ’80’s classic “Moments in Love.” I loved it until I had to hear it every single year at homecoming, looped repeatedly throughout the entire processional of the court. Suddenly those 10 minutes of bliss morphed into nearly an hour of pain. Needless to say by the time I graduated, I swore it’d take a miracle to get me to ever listen to that song again. For the most part, I’ve managed to keep my promise for the past 16 years, but leave it up to producer Waajeed aka Jeedo to make me renege on my vow. The Detroiter takes the song and flips it into this funky rendering that manages to work in some Prince-inspired keys. The song is featured on his upcoming EP, Spills and Dirt Tech Reck, due out later this month. “Make It Boom” is available on 12″ vinyl, with the equally fun “Let It All Hang Out” (which samples Queen‘s “Fat Bottomed Girls”) on the B-Side. And in case you were wondering what “it” Jeedo is trying to make “boom,” then check out the very NSFW video teaser he dropped as a hint.


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