'Trust And Believe' That Keyshia Cole Is Through With You

Keyshia Cole joins the long list of female singers kicking a no-good man to the curb via song with her newest single, "Trust and Believe." Keyshia has had it up to here with her ex-boo and lets him know that she is too through with his shenanigans. Cole's lament isn't some sob story, however. She reads this clown and her best friend who he cheated on her with letting them know that "she's a three, I'm a 10" and that he's gonna need her way before she ever needs him again. (Insert neck roll and finger snaps here.) I must admit, this is an impressive vocal performance from Key Cole and a very relatable song if you've ever dealt with a sorry-ass dude and been in this situation. Between this track and "Enough Of No Love," Keyshia is definitely providing a soundtrack for lovelorn ladies on Woman to Woman, which is scheduled to be released on November 19th.

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