Teresajenee Gives Us An 'Ode To October'

With all of the stellar music that has been released in 2012, it's been overwhelming trying to keep up with it all. Sadly some of this music has fallen by the wayside, and one such project that slipped past me is Teresajenee's Electric Yellow. Despite the free download and SoulUK's glowing recommendation when the album dropped in July, I've been sleeping on it like my name was Butta Van Winkle. My slumber has officially ended, though, now that I've caught wind of "Ode to October" via the song's music video. Filmed in what looks to be Times Square in New York City, we see a bespectacled Teresajenee walking in the rain and singing under an umbrella. She twirls it above her head while people hustle and bustle around her in the city that never sleeps. Watching this video and listening to this jazzy song today is the perfect way to end this month and greet the next. 

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