Kenna's Back After Being 'Long Gone'

While recently reading Malcolm Gladwell's bestseller, Blink, I began to wonder what the heck ever happened to Ethiopian born, American raised musician Kenna Zemedkun. The book, which features an entire chapter entitled "Kenna's Dilemma," described Zemedkun as an artist who was adored by industry insiders and concertgoers, but whose music went largely unnoticed when introduced to a national stage. This occurred for several reasons that Gladwell can articulate far better than I, but through it all, Kenna has maintained a positive outlook in spite of adversity. It has now been several years since the book's release and the eclectic artist has added a couple projects to his catalog, however he has yet to receive the stardom that many feel that he deserves. Fortunately for us, that doesn't mean that he's ready to throw in the towel quite yet as Kenna releases "Long Gone" off of his forthcoming EP, Land 2 Air Chronicles II: Imitation is Suicide. Kenna's style has always been damn near impossible to pin point, but the track, which features the singer's sexy yet haunting invitation over electronic influenced production, could be a glimpse into the direction that he may be headed on the spring 2013 album, Songs for Flight. Stream the track after the bounce to see if Kenna will finally solve his dilemma and achieve that mainstream success.

After the bounce

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