Get Into Szjerdene's 'System'

One of my favorite discoveries this year has been the music of London chanteuse, Szjerdene. Here at SoulBounce we have covered her pretty extensively, so there was really no way that I could avoid getting caught up in her rapture. Still her singing tunes in London's St. Pancras Station and the recent release her EP The Patchwork nudged me just a little bit into the intrigue that is Szjerdene, and look back I haven't. With the production assist of Tensei, Szjerdene exercises "The System," a pristine new joint that follows in the same experimental and elemental soul that we've come to take notice of from the singer. Amid the craggy electronic beats and dreamlike air, Szjerdene waxes out a song about jumping into spaceships and getting out of "the system" of the mundane expectancy of life, and with one listen you'll hop aboard on that notion as well. I know I sure have. So go against the flow of normalcy by getting Szjerdene's latest into your system. All you gotta do is just visit her Bandcamp page, and board this ethereal flight for just a mere e-mail address.


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