Blu & Exile Dream Of 'One Day'

While growing up, my mom dukes, much like every other mother on this planet, was filled with one-liners meant to inform, educate and correct her knuckle-head of a son. Even though I groaned after hearing the majority of these maxims, several of them were forever etched in my memory. Among her favorites was a request that we refrain from waiting for her funeral to present her with bouquets and opt instead to give her flowers while she could still enjoy them. Well it appears as though the mothers of hip-hop emcee/producer duo Blu and Exile shared similar beliefs as my mom considering the title of their latest LP, Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them. Now I've always considered this duo to be somewhat lopsided in the talent department. The difference is nowhere as one-sided as a say, Timbaland and Magoo, but lopsided nonetheless. Actually, Blu probably shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence as "Maganoo" considering his solid career as a solo artist, but Exile's production is definitely what makes their work together truly stand out. This is especially the case with the track "Maybe One Day," which has Exile going to work on the boards with his trademark production style as he flips a piano sample into a choppy yet smooth loop. The Jerome D-directed visual adequately compliments the track as bursts of black-and-white images flash across the screen mimicking the stuttered beat and Blu's well above average flow. Stream the video below to witness hip-hop teamwork at its finest, and thank Blu and Exile for giving you some quality hip-hop cuts while you can still hear them.

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