Have You ‘Ever’ Seen Mylah Like This?

Although I’m sure I saw an episode or two of Making the Band 3 when it aired, it didn’t hold my attention for a whole season. So unfortunately I have no recollection of seeing or hearing the singer Mylah, who was one of the contestants on the reality show, prior to my introduction to her via her single “Ever” that surfaced earlier in the month. My bad, but now I’m paying attention and I like what I’m hearing from her. Now “Ever” gets a boost from its music video that features the singer showing us what she’s got. Alternating between scenes of her seductively singing on a couch and her flanked by two dancers while they all perform a routine with stools, this is a good look for the young vocalist. She comes across as sexy without being skanky, and, although there’s plot to be had in this clip, she’s at least interesting to watch. 

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