Get 'Blessed' By Dionne Farris

Everytime "Hopeless" shuffles up on my playlist one question always comes to mind: Where the hell is Dionne Farris? That question was answered, kind of, when Dionne surprisingly popped up during Arrested Development's episode of Unsung. There is also a musical answer to that question as well. Though she's been releasing music under the radar for some time now, Dionne created a mixtape, Lady Dy the Mixtape Part 1, in 2011 with the assistance of producer (and rapper) Count Bass D. Describing it as "a collection of raw textures and colors in sound, beats and lyrics," the collection, showed just what mainstream music has been missing out on since losing track of her in the '90s. "I'm Blessed" is a prime example. Over a sweet and simple R&B backdrop, Dionne enumerates the myriad reasons why she's thankful to God for keeping her and why she's happy for the life she leads. Dionne is currently in the studio cooking up her next outing. While we keep an eye out for the new new, get current by listening to "I'm Blessed" below and picking up the nine-track Lady Dy the Mixtape via her site for $15.


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