Bounce-Worthy: Marie Dahlstrom

Who knew Scandinavia would be the place to find possibly one of the next big things to come into the jazz/soul world in recent years? With crisp, clear vocals that effortlessly float around melodies to create a balance between modern, spacey soul and a more classic jazz sound, Marie Dahlstrom certainly knows how to draw listeners in and make her mark. Comparisons may be passé but sometimes you can't stop them from popping into your head. So, please bear with me as I do just that. This soulful Scandinavian is something like a 21st century Amel Larrieux, but a little moodier and a little darker at times.

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Having released her debut EP, Feelings, late last year, the London-based singer has been steadily making a name for herself. One listen to Feelings and it's easy to understand why people have been catching on to the buzz around her. Consisting of six tracks that are packed full of raw emotions, beautiful melodies and harmonies, the EP is a nice introduction to Dahlstrom's blend of jazz and soul. From the tangible pain and emotion of "What Did You Say" and "Feelings II" to the soul/R&B leanings of "I Want A Man," Dahlstrom gives a glimpse into her spirit and leaves the listener wanting more. In recent months, she has released a new track, "Search," that sees her steer into a more modern, dreamy soul sound. With warm horns and ambient keys, it has an atmospheric feel to it, and cements Marie Dahlstrom as one to look out for. Here's hoping the next EP comes along sooner rather than later to immerse listeners a little deeper into the soulful sounds that invite us into the mind and heart of Marie Dahlstrom.

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