You'll Wish This I, Ced & Om'Mas Keith Song Could Go On 'Forever'

As an avid music listener, I've always loved learning the back stories about the recording process of a favorite song or album. I, Ced takes it a step further by peeling back the curtain on the entire creation process with this behind-the-scenes clip. Alongside producer extraordinaire Om'Mas Keith, fans get to take a look as the duo hammer out the intricate details of a song, from the melody to the beat. The end result is "Forever," a divine little a ditty filled with sweeping strings, beautiful chords, Ced on lead vocals and a super-funky bassline courtesy of Thundercat. The song was recorded as part of Converse's Rubber Tracks pop-up studio concept. Recorded at LA's Swing House Rehearsal Studios, pre-selected artists were given free studio time to record and retain ownership rights to the resulting material. Fans can go online and vote for their favorite song, with the winner getting the chance to fly out to Brooklyn, NY to re-record the song in the full-service Rubber Tracks studio. And of course, what Converse competition would be complete without the winner also taking home a fresh pair of Chuck Taylor's? Ced's former Hawthorne Headhunters bandmate and SB fave Coultrain is also up for the honor with his song, "The 13th Floor." Watch to see how Ced's entry "Forever" came together before heading over to Facebook to listen to the finished product and cast your vote.

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