Willie Taylor Gives Us Something To Work With On ‘Not Mine’

By releasing songs with “just say no” titles like “Instagram Ya Body,” I never thought the name Willie Taylor would ever grace the pages of SoulBounce in connection with his own original music. Yet here we are, and here he is. While Day26 is on “break,” the Chicago native has his sights set on seeing his name in lights. Pretty Willie teamed up with So So Def artist Dondria and producer B. Alexander to record “Not Mine” in what turns out to be quite the steamy, sexy affair. In call and response fashion, the pair sing, “You can’t keep loving me like this when you are not mine/I can’t keep loving you like this when you are not mine.” Dondria turns it up a notch claiming, “sex out of this world, they gon’ find our footprints on the moon.” Oh, really now Phatfffat? We’ve grown up a little since our days on YouTube, haven’t we? Of the tune, Willie said he wanted to create a song that both men and women could relate to. Whether or not you can relate, be sure to grab your free download of the new single from the upcoming mixtape, The Reintroduction of Willie Taylor, due out September 28th.


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