'RISE' Up With Sean Haefeli

If you're not familiar with the name Sean Haefeli yet, then it's high time you change that. Hailing from Chi-town, it's hard to believe that the singer/producer/pianist has been floating below the radar for a little over a decade, since the release of his 2002 debut, Natural Hunger. He's looking to expand his reach in the jazz world with the release of his third album, RISE, available for digital download via BandCamp. A tight blend of jazz with a dash of hip-hop sensibilities thrown in for good measure, RISE feels like a cool glass of iced tea on a hot summer day. Showcasing his smooth vocals, he blurs the lines between singing and it's more melodic cousin spoken word, often fluctuating between both deliveries within the same song. Proving himself quite the adept lyricist as well, Haefeli's sound is traditional enough to appeal to jazz purists, yet contemporary enough to appeal to all others. Take this album for a spin below then head over to his BandCamp page to check out his previous releases.


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