Get 'Drunk' On Hawthorne Headhunters' 'Sweetheart'

Hawthorne Headhunters' album Myriad of Now has quietly been one of my favorite releases of 2012 thus far. From the moment I downloaded it, it has yet to leave my iPod and some songs get multiple spins on the daily. One of those songs has easily been "My Sweetheart The Drunk." It instantly reels you in as Coultrain dives in headfirst, putting the subject on blast with "Oooh, you're showing out tonight." But it's also the song's intriguing narrative and startling conclusion that also makes it stand out from the rest. The video is the perfect accompaniment to the song's storyline as we see a lone female figure applying makeup, before taking a swig from her flask and covering her face with a black lacy veil. From that point on, it's evident that something serious is about to pop off. Her intentions are revealed when she picks up a gun and heads out, clearly a woman on a mission. Scenes of her preparations are interchanged with shots of Coultrain and Black Spade performing on stage. A nice touch to the clip occurs when our murderous female enters the venue, the audio switches from the recorded studio version to live audio of the duo performing the song. Though it's unclear which of the two is her intended target, it's obvious that what happens next won't be good. Does she hit her mark? You'll have to hit play and find that out for yourself.

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