Does Mariah Come Out ‘Triumphant’ In Her New Video?

We’ve already gone on record with our disdain for “Triumphant (Get Em),” the Rick Ross and Meek Mill song featuring Mariah Carey (or something of that nature) where the diva was relegated to being a hook girl on her supposed song. So with the release of the song’s visuals today we just knew that Mimi would get emancipated
and have a bigger role in her supposed video, right? Well, no and yes. The first 2:35 minutes of this look like an MMG video with Mariah as the video chick in a glitzy black and gold affair surprisingly not directed by Hype Williams in 2000 but instead by hubby Nick Cannon in 2012 and centered around a boxing match. Carey isn’t even the one getting ready to fight — she plays a measly ring girl prancing around in a skin tight outfit holding up the numbers between rounds while Meek Mill throws blows. Mariah is also seen as a spectator seated next to Rick Ross and looking more like his girlfriend than the boss that she is. And DJ Khaled is there for no known reason nor purpose. This video is frustrating to watch because you kinda want Mimi to put on some gloves and knock all three of these jokers out, but as we know she’s not one to get down and dirty. Sadly, this doesn’t truly become a Mariah Carey video until the second half when she starts singing more than backgrounds and the camera focuses on her, as it should. Truthfully, the song and video could have started around the 2:35 mark, cut out all the unnecessary hip hop and I’d like it much more than I do. “Triumphant (Get Em)” isn’t exactly a fail, but it’s far from a winner for the singer.

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