Alice Russell Is A 'Heartbreaker'

Well look at that. Just 24 hours after we posted "Breakdown," a track that will appear, in some form or another, on Alice Russell's long-awaited upcoming album, a video for a live, acoustic version of the first single, "Heartbreaker," gets its premiere. As soon as the Latin-tinged guitar kicks in you know this is going to be special, but as always it's that voice which takes center stage and runs with it for a full four-and-a-half minutes. The track has a slight retro edge, with hints of doo-wop and '60's girl-group R&B on the hook and harmonies. Basically there is absolutely nothing to not like about this. After her magnificent collaboration with Quantic on Look Around The Corner earlier this year, it's great to hear Alice is back in the studio, ready to follow to follow up 2008's stellar Pot of Gold with another dose of gutsy, powerhouse soul. The official version of the single will be released on October 15th, but no word on an album release date as yet.

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