Will Downing Is 'Love Sick'

Will Downing is back and he's got it bad. The now independent artist recently released the final third of the trilogy, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. On "Here I Go (Love Sick)," the first single from Tomorrow, the Prince of Sophisticated Soul is on the creep, breaking his neck running all over town to meet with his secret lady to get his latest fill. Even though he knows he's doing wrong, he sounds excited, like a kid in candy store with money to burn ("Meet me after work so we can play, text and let me know you're on your way"). He sounds so hopeful and completely whipped as he ticks off the things his homewrecker likes and promises to have them ready when she arrives. The side-piece subject matter is quite the departure for the artist, but is in following with the trilogy's theme. Besides, if there's anyone who can make wrong sound right, it's the silky smooth voice of Will Downing and a horn section. Take a listen and get caught in Will's love triangle, then hit up iTunes, Amazon or Google Play for the full EP today, not tomorrow.

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