‘Whatever’ Is Clever For Tanya Morgan

Tanya Morgan is perhaps the best rap group you’ve never heard of. The Brooklynati duo consisting of Donwill and Von Pea (third member Ilyas left the group last year) dropped one of their best EPs to date, You & What Army, late last year, and with their video “Whatever That’s Mine,” they keep dropping heat from the release. The video’s concept is simple, showing viewers a day in the life of Don and Pea from start to finish. The visuals follow them all around NYC, from their apartments to the streets, through that nifty ’90’s video trope: the fisheye lens. It’s fitting, since the sound aesthetic of this track — a jazzy, soulful sample atop hard-hitting drums — would’ve fit right in with early ’90’s hip-hop staples like De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest. If you’re digging “Whatever That’s Mine” (and you should be), you can find it and a host of other joints on You & What Army, which can be bought at Underground Hip Hop right now.

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