SoundTable Discussion: BET Awards '12 Redux

This past Sunday's BET Awards '12 telecast was shockingly not the trainwreck that we've come to expect from the network's annual awards show. That's not to say that amongst its shining, noteworthy moments -- D'Angelo, the Whitney Houston tribute, a Boris Kodjoe sighting -- that there was no tomfoolery to be had, because shenanigans are ever-present on the channel that we all love to clown. And knowing SoulBounce like you do, we'd be remiss if we didn't address the high moments and low points of this year's show. So without further delay, we bring to you our latest no holds barred SoundTable Discussion where we chatted it up about the BET Awards -- and no one was safe from our commentary. 

Butta: So what did everyone think of the BET Awards?

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Who did you love? Who did you hate? Who do you wish would fall off a cliff? Oh hey, Kim Kardashian...

Rob: Pre-show and Chris Brown aside, BET did it this year.

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: The hip-hop performances were all trash. Even Kanye and his mental hospital outfit didn't do it for me. But after assessing the R&B/soul performances, I have to say that with the exception of Elle Varner from the pre-show, everyone did rather well.

DaTruth: I am taking up collections to get Debra Lee a stylist. And larger jackets for Terrence J. Tamar Braxton is beyond my understanding and assistance.

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I know we all know how coonish any show on BET can be, but Sam Jackson and Spike Lee's opening Amos and Andy act really hurt my heart as a Morehouse mom.

I am praying for forgiveness for my glee at the shade that was thrown at Kim K. all night. Even Solange got in on the game.

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SoulUK: So I'm the lucky one who got to pick and choose which bits to watch and not sit through the whole thing.

I just saw video of D'Angelo's performance. I now actually believe we may get an album. I need that new track in my life.

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Now watching the Whitney tribute, although I'm struggling to get past Monica's performance. I've restarted the video three times. WOW! Just...WOW!

Lady J: So, I didn't watch the BET Awards, but I've saw tons of comments about D'Angelo and all of his sexiness. I made a comment that I was scared we were going to send him heading for the hills again since he struggled so much with his sex appeal last go-round. I mean, we at least need to squeeze this album out of him first.

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And then I saw the video of his performance. I think he's just going to have to get over it because he was oozing sex appeal all over my computer screen.

And that Monica performance is an example of the reasons why I keep buying her albums. She's got it, even if her albums fail to flaunt it.

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Butta: Monica was AMAZING. I think she was my favorite vocal performance of the night followed by D'Angelo.

And, yes, D'Angelo cannot contain his sexy. He just needs to get some counseling, get over it and get that album out.

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Ivory: I will say that as geeked as I am about D'Angelo's return, I was not geeked that he is still wearing gear from the '90s.

Butta: I did love D'Angelo's twist-out, though. And I'm actually not mad that he rocked that gear because if he didn't what would he wear? A suit? Naw, that's so not him when he's performing.

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AudioDiva: D'Angelo sounded wonderful. I can just taste that new album. He just needs to get some therapy, a trip to Bath & Body Works and smell some aromatherapy and then he needs to go shopping for some new threads. He looks like he dug around in the Goodwill bin, but bless him, he's trying and I'll take Hobo D'Angelo over none at all.

D-Money: Some folks were saying he was underwhelming. I don't know if they watched the same show or if they only consider it an exciting performance if you're covered in body paint and lip-synching. Oh hey, Breezy.

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Remi: I think they were just mad that he wasn't back in six-pack shape. I heard a few of those comments on my end and was like "this is why he went AWOL to begin with!"

Ivory: There were no seizure-inducing lights, so that may be the problem. And no flames shooting in the air or out of his ass.

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Remi: As is always the case, this was a snoozefest. Still, I guess we should be glad there weren't that many painful moments.

As predicted, Sammy Jack was both criminally underused and misused. That geriatric N---as in Hollywood skit was embarrassing. Loved that Spike showed up, but it turned horrendous with the quickness. (And Spike's jersey-skirted legs will haunt me forever.)

That Mindless Behavior child needs to be beaten for agreeing to say that Lauryn Hill joke. As always, Beyoncé was a class act about it and tried to rectify the situation.

Loved Brandy and Monica's tribute performances, though. They nailed it down. But I'm really gonna need the Houstons to sit down for a minute. Making people question whether your deceased daughter/sister meant anything real to you is not a good look. They're verging on Papa Joe and Jermaine Jackson territory now.

Also, nice touch having Mariah open the tribute.

Butta: Yeah, I'm good on the live Whitney tributes now.

SoulUK: Angela Bassett was looking good!

Remi: Best she's looked in ages! And her tribute to Nip was better than Cissy's.

There, I said it.

Butta: Ouch. Cissy Houston has never been one of my favorite vocalists, but considering the circumstances and occasion, I thoroughly enjoyed and felt her tribute.

And let's talk about Chaka Khan looking like a sexy statue in that dress. Woo wee!

SoulUK: OK, I love Chaka and I swear she is aging backwards, but that was a whole lotta hollerin' and not much else.

AudioDiva: Chaka Khan is the ONLY person who I allow to holler and carry on. Everybody else can put a muzzle on that!

Remi: I actually liked Chaka's tribute. Then again, maybe it was the fact that she: 1. wasn't a Houston, and 2. didn't do the Clive Davis pre-GRAMMY party or any previous tribute, so it felt like she actually stepped away for a while to heal and mourn like actual humans do.

I've heard Chaka bad, and trust me, this wasn't nearly as bad as she can get. Ask Kanye.

AudioDiva: WOW to Monica and Brandy on that Whitney tribute. They really brought the class and style. Now if only Monica's albums and Brandy's newer material could be better. I never cared much for Cissy, but her strength do to that is admirable, and yes, Chaka screamed, but I'll allow it -- the woman was in Rufus, she gets a pass for life from me.

D-Money: Oh, and kudos to Usher for not sounding like a dying cat during his performance of "Climax" this time. Too bad he was so boring I almost forgot he performed.

Remi: Seriously. I expected Ursh to have another off-key wailfest, but he did a pretty good job.

Remi: Loved the Nick Ashford tribute that Valerie Simpson performed. It was touching, rather than disturbing.

Butta: Speaking of tributes, who was that caterwauling "Congratulations" during the other RIP segment paying tribute to Vesta and others? She needed to be censored.

D-Money: Can we discuss Chante Moore and her wig? She sounded great, but all that damn hair looked like it was gonna take up legs and walk.

DaTruth: I was kinda pissed that all Heavy D got was a photo and a song clip. Of all the stars we lost, he was the only one to show up to that skank fest every year. He deserved better.

D-Money: Oh yeah, he definitely deserved more than he got. We can get Rick Ross and crew lip-synching, but we can't anybody to rap a bit for Heavy D?

Remi: There were many contenders for Biggest Travesty of the Night:

1. Kevin Hart beating out Don Cheadle and Denzel NoLastNameNeeded for Best. ACTOR. I really wish people would stop trying to shove Kevin Hart down our throats. I get it, he's bite-sized, but stop.

2. Wale, the one absolute nobody in Best Collaboration -- one of the few actually compellingly competitive categories -- beating out songs he shouldn't even have been nominated with.

3. Jamie Foxx trying to liken Django Unchained to Roots. Dude needed to get smacked.

AudioDiva: Like fetch, we need to STOP making Kevin Hart happen. I'm waiting for the moment where I'm supposed to, you know, laugh at his jokes, dude isn't funny to me. And Jamie Foxx hasn't been right since he won that Oscar.

Remi: Can we discuss the Kanye-Jay-Beyoncé awesomeness, though? From the fellas' rapport when accepting the first award to Jay delivering possibly the only funny Kanye-Taylor Swift joke in history, to the awesomely cute Bey/Jay faceoff for the Best Video award.

DaTruth: I stan for all things Beyoncé and Jay-Z from the BET Awards EXCEPT their outfits. What the bejeebus was she wearing? Obviously she can make even Gordon Gartrelle look good, but um...

Remi: Yeah, were those pants? A dress? A skort? And B winning a directing award. Let's be real here.

D-Money: So I'm gonna be the only to throw some shade toward Frankie Beverly? Fine, I'll be dat.

While I love Maze & Frankie (and I feel like he was under the weather), all those wobbly notes coming out of his mouth... no sir.

Butta: That was not a shining moment for Frankie and nem, but I would take hearing him since hoarse again over another damn 2 Chainz performance.

Lady J: Frankie Beverly made me a little sad. It seemed he wanted his voice to cooperate so bad and it just wouldn't. That's OK, though, we know what it was supposed to sound like. It still felt good, and that's what music should do. It should make you feel something. I'm sure Kim K. wasn't the only what getting schooled last night. I wonder how many of those clown looking "artists" felt real inadequate after watching some of these real performers last night?

Butta: Probably none, they're too busy cashin' out.

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