R. Kelly Is 'Feelin'' Some Kinda Way

How is it that people with smartphones tend to do really dumb things? Like taking scandalous photos, for instance, and then leaving your phone out and unlocked for your significant other to find them. That is the conundrum that R. Kelly finds himself in when he gets a hold of his lady's phone in the music video for "Feelin' Single." Kells flips through the flicks of his woman not exactly acting like it when she's out on the town with her girls and getting it in with another man. Robert's blood pressure rises, but instead of getting mad he decides to get even. And that's where the video takes an odd detour to Prohibition era Chicago with a big band sound and choreographed dance number. That throwback interlude totally busted up my "get it, get it" groove, but when it's over R. returns to modern day and the track picks up where it left off. Staying true to the lyrics, Kelly shows his lady that two can play that game and he has a little fun of his own with someone else -- and he makes sure to leave a picture trail.

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