Noisettes Return With 'That Girl'

Silence is golden and patience is a virtue. Homespun wisdom we've heard time and time again that annoyingly rings true and, in this case, applies to the situation of Noisettes. It's been three years since we've seen or even heard from the boisterous UK band who brought us Wild Young Hearts in 2009, but they are back (minus one member) and touching down with their now third effort, Contact. They quietly came out with "Winner" a few months ago, but are making a bigger splash with the official first single, "That Girl." I'm sort of worn on the whole sugary-confection-finger-popping 1960's girl group steeze that this track embodies, but I can appreciate fabolous frontwoman Shingai Shoniwa's energetic persona on it. Infectious and radio friendly "That Girl" is, but it's not as daring as I thought a Noisettes return would be. Contact has an August 27th release date attached to it, and you better believe I am looking forward to closing my summer out with it.


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