Ludacris Gets Things 'Jingalin'' In His Latest

Quick, what do flame throwers, oompa loompas, keg stands, jello wrestling, jewel-encrusted grills and a classic LL Cool J sample all have in common? If his latest video is to be believed, they're all apart of a wild night at Chez Ludacris. The ATL representer is back on the scene with his new single "Jingain'," which, of course, samples LL's party starter "Jinglin' Baby." Being that the lyrics are about Luda's favorite subject (women shaking what their mama's gave 'em), it's only fitting that the clip features a Project X-inspired house party that includes scantily clad women, liquor and all the aforementioned spectacles. It also features a few guest stars, like R&B crooner Ne-Yo and someone that I believe is Big Boi (though my eyes could deceive me). "Jingalin'" is the first single from Luda's upcoming album Ludaversal. Though there's no official release date just yet, Ludacris has said that he wants to drop the set on his birthday, September 11th. Until then, feast your eyes on Luda's idea of a good time -- and hope that maybe you'll get on the invite list for the next one.

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