Lucille Ghatti Tells Us All About 'St. James'

Wasting not a minute of precious time, newbie Lucille Ghatti is hot on the heels of last week's highlighted "North Hollywood" with yet another stunner. The quickie jam "St. James" follows in the flow of Ghatti's self-described thrillwave R&B aesthetic with a divine marriage between taunt hi-hats and a luscious bass line. "St. James" along with the aforementioned "North Hollywood" are just a few treats to be presented on Ghatti's EP, High Grade, which will be released in the very near future. After spending a weekend with her debut EP, Amori Infiniti, it's obvious to me that Ghatti is one of many trying to keep the approach and style of the '90's R&B we have nostalgia for afloat into the 21st century. So maybe we should stop moaning and planning funeral arrangements -- the R&B genre isn't on it's deathbed just yet thanks to newcomers like Ms. Ghatti.


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