'Get Lost' With Sy Smith & Ray Angry

Our friendly blogging neighbors Okayplayer have graciously shared this exclusive track that forges the talents of Sy Smith and pianist Ray Angry, who has played with everyone from The Roots to Esperanza Spalding to Jay-Z to now D'Angelo, and a trip to beautiful it is. Coasting on a dreamy piano-jazz vibe "Let's Get Lost" is a gorgeous collaboration that feels as if you're resting on a lush little cloud just drifting far far away, letting all the irksome obstacles of the day just disappear. However you want to describe it, the reality is that "Let's Get Lost" is yet another shimmering moment in the Syberspace cannon, as Ms. Smith lays on the romantics in impeccable yet sultry taste. Clearly my bias is showing, but Sy Smith could sing about bunions and hammertoes and I'd be enthralled. Though there is no word where "Let's Get Lost" is supposed to be belong, all I hope is that Sy and Ray will continue to work together especially if they can create soundscapes like this. Cast your cares away and get over the mid-week grind by taking this lovely excursion. You'll be glad you did. [Photo: Sean Rhinehart]

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