Childish Gambino Blasts Off In 'Fire Fly'

It's no secret that Childish Gambino has spent the majority of his rap career in what one might call a hip-hop purgatory. There are few artists that garnish as much love as they do hate from both critics and listeners as this writer/actor/comedian. But after releasing his well received and equally despised mixtape, Royalty, this past Independence Day, Donald Glover has chosen to release a visual for "Fire Fly" from last year's LP, Camp. The rapper steps out of the spotlight to offer up a literal interpretation of the song title with this sci-fi influenced production that feels two parts Super 8 and one part confusion. The track's lyrics, while having little to do with the content of the video, are considerably more straightforward than the three-and-a-half minute flick. 'Bino gives us what I like to refer to as his Jeffersons' track, he's moving on up. Think Kanye West's "Last Call" or The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Juicy." Now lyrically Donald Glover is far from Christopher Wallace, but the sentiment is the same, "ya'll counted me out before, but now I've made it." It's a universal theme that most listeners can vibe to on some level. So while his haters may be praying for Donald Glover's rap career to take a trip to the abyss, Childish Gambino clearly has his spaceship set for the heavens. Check out the video below, peep the mixtape Royalty and choose for yourself.

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