Vindahl Takes Us Back With ‘Sometimes’

I just saw the movie Rock of Ages this weekend, so I’m on a total ’80’s kick right now. I thoroughly miss the decade in all of its day-glo wonder because it was truly a wonderful era for music of all genres. Thank goodness the period is enjoying a resurgence with a number of new jack artists taking it back to the good old ’80’s days. One such is Vindahl whose debut album, Serendipity, had a throwback stamp all over it with its synth-heavy, new-wave-meets-electro-soul sound. We first got a sample last year with the song “Sometimes” and now the track gets a music video to match. This may have been filmed in 2012, but it definitely looks like it could have been unearthed from a time capsule and giving me 1982 realness. It all looks and sounds very authentic from the shoulder pads to the vintage box. If you’re in the mood for some throwback fun, then press play and let Vindahl take you away. [H/T: KN]

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