Rachel Crow Has Something To Say To All The 'Mean Girls'

Hearts across the U.S. broke when Rachel Crow, a pint-sized, teenage vocal wonder with a head full of beautifully defiant curls, was shockingly eliminated from the first season of X Factor back in December. Throughout the show, she consistently wowed the judges and audiences with her bubbly personality and her surprisingly mature voice. Upon hearing that she'd no longer be a contestant on the show, she collapsed on stage, sobbing in obvious agony about the decision. But, as anyone who watched the show knew, the heartache wouldn't last long.

After the bounce

In preparation for her return to the spotlight, Rachel makes her video debut with her first single, "Mean Girls." Directed by Carlos Pena, the video utilizes stop motion animation on a chalkboard to illustrate the lyrics. Rachel is shown singing, but in animated form only. Near the end of the video, Crow shows up holding a stick of blue sidewalk chalk and playfully flashes her sweet smile. Because of the video's animated approach, the focus is all on the song's lyrics and the soulful voice powering them. She may not have the "X" factor, but she surely has the "IT" factor.

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This pop-ready song is sure to appeal to teenage girls everywhere, but the song's message will resonate with the people of all ages. With a new record deal, an EP set to be released on June 26th, and a Nickelodeon show on the horizon, this is just the beginning for the budding star. Take a listen to "Mean Girls," and get used to hearing her name; she's sure to make a big impact in the months and years to come.

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