Has Misha B Hit A ‘Home Run’ With Her New Single?

American Idol, X Factor and The Voice — what do these shows all have in common? Well, ask a cynic like myself and I’d have to say a tendency for producing bland, mediocre “pop stars.” OK that isn’t strictly true, occasionally we get to see something truly special but don’t you always find that the really talented ones that you would actually buy an album from seem to get booted off way too early? Take Misha B, a finalist in last year’s UK version of the X Factor who, despite having talent in spades, failed to connect with the audience — and other finalists — and got eliminated following rumors of bullying and attitude issues. True to her word Misha hasn’t disappeared off the face of the earth and is in fact gearing up to release her debut album later this year. The first single from said project, “Home Run,” brings to mind a British, more natural, less annoying Nicki Minaj. Oh and Misha can sing, too. I’m still on the fence as to what I think of the song, but the video is a fun affair complete with numerous costume changes and neon, glow-in-the-dark body paint. I was one of a handful of people who actually enjoyed Misha’s rapping/singing combo so it’s good to see that she displays both here. I just hope that she doesn’t get to caught up in the Simon Cowell/Syco machine and give birth to an album full of forgettable urban-Euro-dance trash. Here’s hoping.

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