Prepare To Be Under Rochelle Jordan's 'P R E S S U R E' This Summer

Rochelle Jordan's presence has been sorely missed here at SB. Yes, she recently featured on Protostar labelmate Wingate's "Just for the Night," but we haven't heard any new solo material from her in a while. Luckily for us, that's about to change real soon. RoJo is gearing up to hit us with her latest musical blitz P R E S S U R E this summer, and to prepare us she's dropped this little gem for our enjoyment. Like her promo for last year's R O J O, the video features flashes of Rochelle as she sings on a track that once again evokes the early collaborations of Kelis and The Neptunes. All in all, the trailer does exactly what it was meant to do. The track sounds like where you'd expect Rochelle to go after last year's mixtape, a great mix of her older sound and her newer growth as an artist. Since R O J O was easily one of our favorite joints released last year -- free or otherwise -- you can be sure that we'll be checking for P R E S S U R E when it lands later this summer...and you should be, too.

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