Captain Planet Delivers A 'Cleva' Spin On An Erykah Badu Classic

Erykah Badu has certainly been making headlines across the internet in the past few weeks. It all began with that video for her collaboration with The Flaming Lips on a remake of Roberta Flack's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," which many, including the staff here at SoulBounce, thought was a hot mess. Rather than keep it moving the debacle descended into a war of words between Erykah and The Flaming Lips' frontman, Wayne Coyne, resulting in a Twitter war to end all Twitter wars, and Erykah ultimately calling Coyne & Co. out for using her vocals, and footage of her and her sister, in ways that she didn't deem appropriate. The video, and the resulting argument, ultimately overshadowed what should have been the main focus, namely the music. Unfortunately, the track itself was also a hot mess, and in no way compares to what we know Badu is capable of -- a not-so-"Cleva" decision on Erykah's part I think you will all agree. Thankfully we still have her extensive back catalog to fall back on while we await new music -- supposedly later this year -- and this Captain Planet remix of "Cleva" should remind us why we still love Ms. Badu, faults and all. Taking the mid-tempo groove of the original, Planet has given it a Latin twist that would sound right at home in a Rio-carnival setting. The track is available as a free download via the SoundCloud player below. [H/T: BLS]


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