What's On Your Zombie Apocalypse Playlist?

When was the last time you were ready for a music emergency? If you are anything like me, you take the fact that music is everywhere -- on your phone, on your TV, on your computer -- for granted, and don't really have any contingency plans for if you are caught in a major disaster. If you are a fan of The Walking Dead like me, then you know that the chance of a zombie apocalypse is always imminent. And to survive
the reality of having to fend off brain-hungry zombies in the isolation of the countryside, I would need a few things: water, enough MREs for six months, deodorant, a toothbrush, and a banging ass playlist.

Musical accompaniment in the event of a catastrophic event is useful for two reasons: 1) emergencies and apocalypses tend to be lonely and boring and 2) all forms of entertainment will cease, because the zombies will have eaten their way through most of the population by that point. With that said, it's good to be prepared, and you need to have an idea of the music that you would need to eke out life in that new
frontier. Here are my thoughts on sounds that will be important in helping restart the entire human race:

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Dance Music - having some upbeat tracks is essential to keep the spirits of the survivors up
fighting for their lives.

Rowdy Music - Perfect for riding out in the middle of the night to bust shots at zombies
encroaching the farmland perimeter.

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Prayer Music - Good to have when performing funerary rites for those homies who have crossed over to the other side in the fight for humanity. Also good for reminding you that even though the undead are roaming the streets like cockroaches, God is still out there in the universe.

Sexytime Music - Necessary to facilitate the repopulation of the earth

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Seriously, have you thought about what you would do musically if extenuating circumstances arose (i.e. getting stuck on a desert island/in a nuclear winter/at your grandparents house with no cable)? Having this music on hand would give any brave soul the strength to press on in the face of zombies (or boredom). What do you think, Bouncers? Which three songs or albums out of each category would you bring?

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